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Customized Hockey Posters

Our hockey posters are completely customizable in terms of layout, colours and design. Let our professional graphic designers design a poster that will really stand out! Include your team’s logo and anything else you may desire. Posters are 24 x 36” and printed in full colour on 100lb gloss stock. These one design posters are perfect for team gifts, year-end mementos, tournament giveaways, hockey camps, encouraging team spirit, and sponsorship products. Each poster is individually rolled and packaged for easy distribution.

Customized Poster Pricing


10 - 50
51 -199
200 +

Price Per Unit

@ $18.95 ea
@  $16.45 ea
@ $14.95 ea

contact for information on larger orders


  • 24 x 36”
  • printed in full colour on 100lb
  • add a matte or gloss laminate
  • Digitally printed up to 4 colours @ 720 dpi quality
  • Player Names & Numbers 
  • Team Logo - Accepted files EPS, AI, TIFF or Jpeg 
    (Min size 1200 x 1200 dpi - approx. 4 x 4”) 
    Vector files preferred and no web images please
  • Player photo if required

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